A real estate negotiator is a salesperson who works with a licensed real estate agency.

Under the board’s ruling, we are not allowed to employ any part-timer. Furthermore, the success rate in real estate sales for a part-timer is close to zero. Therefore, we highly recommend you become a full time negotiator.

Anyone who is presentable, committed and sincere in providing professional services in real estate sales is considered qualified. But those who have marketing and sales experience, hard working and right mental attitude will be an added advantage.

The important roles of a negotiator are finding property listings, sales and marketing, market research and follow-up.

Average annual income for a top negotiator is between RM 100,000 to RM 200,000 while the very outstanding one earns as much as RM1,000,000 a year.

Under the Malaysian law, anyone who is involved in a property sales transaction and collects a fee without a valid license is an offence and the penalty can be a fine of RM 5000 or jail for 3 years or both.

A broker is normally an illegal salesperson involved in a property sales transaction and collects a fee.

A negotiator is a legitimate salesperson employed by a licensed real estate agency.

A registered real estate agent is an individual holding a valid license approved by the Government and hence allows to practice.

We provide comprehensive support which includes experienced and efficient administrative staff, internet marketing platform, starfish search, listings, effective training, on the job mentoring and well accepted branding.

Yes, MegaHarta is run and managed by its Principal Mr. Clement Ong and his registration number is E1694. Furthermore all the branches are also managed strictly by qualified registered real estate agent only.

No. MegaHarta is a professional real estate agency who believes in providing quality and value added services. All our managers are qualified registered real estate agents who are in a position to supervise their team of negotiators effectively.

Under the MLM scheme, a team leader needs to have overriding commission on the sales of the negotiators under him/her, hence it’s rather unfair to the negotiators concerned.

Ask yourself, do you prefer to be supervised by a registered real estate agent or another negotiator just like you?

Yes, there is a minimum charge of RM 188 for anyone who wishes to join us as a negotiator. The joining fee is to cover the cost incurred for printing of the starter kit, name cards and training.

In MegaHarta Training School, we provide four days of comprehensive training to prepare a negotiator to venture into the marketplace. For more information, please refer to MegaHarta Training School.

To become a negotiator is very easy; Just refer to the list of our offices and identify the one nearest to your home, call us to arrange for an appointment with our branch manager concerned and you should be able to get all the information you required during the interview.